Last week, while walking on the street, there was a man walking in front of me, he was on his 50’s or so, as I pass him by (cause I use to walk too fast) he started trying to keep my pace, I slow down a bit to see if he was on some kind of walking race against me.  I take a  look at him: a little taller than me, big belly, wearing a green and worned baseball cap, carrying a plastic bag on his left hand. While I was looking at him he started to talk:

Luisito Marti’s wife just die this afternoon.

– I read about it this afternoon – I replied.

– Wow, not even a year of luisito’s dead and now the wife died too.

– Yep.

– She dies of a heart attack, right?

– Yes, it was a heart attack.

– People should take life easy, and take no pressure from anyone; I take no pressure from noone.  Look, I work at the Bank of Reserves, and the bosses are always on a mood, but I do not care, I do my job, nobody gonna kill me of a heart attack.

– Good, but stress isn’t the only cause of a heart attack, it is important to watch out the health too.

– That’s true.

As we approach to the metro station, he changed subject:

– Let’s see if my coworker is here awaiting for me, if not, well, he have to find out by himself how to get home, cause he have no money today, I told him to wait me here and I will cover his metro ticket.  But people are crazy these days, he told me that probably he could make it home by walking… Im telling you.

– Does he lives far from here?

Punta de Villa Mella (around 12km)

– wow.

– I have a girlfriend there.

– in Punta?

– Yes, I have about a week I don’t see her, cause she left to San Juan, because her father dies.

– Oh, and why didn’t you go with her?

– She didn’t told me.  I just find out yesterday, she called me and told me.  This world is loco loco.

– Maybe.

– Well, “nos vemo ma pa’ lante” (“nos veremos mas adelante”, “see you soon”)

– bye.

As he walk inside the Metro Station, I started thinking how amazing is  how much information a stranger can give you without asking.  I stop for a second, bring out my cellphone and started typing this post.