Launching your MVP to the Space!

Launching your MVP to the Space!It all start that day you have an idea for a product, you are totally sure it is the idea which will make you earn lot of money and maybe you can take it to the next level (turn into a company!).

Why didn’t I think of this before? – you wonder -.

You rush to your computer, fire up your favorite editor and start laying out ideas and coding your great product, you invest weeks adding all these features dream about, spend a few more days making every single detail perfect before launching your idea to the public.

You are sure as hell that those hours and hours of work invested in this product will pay off.

You’ve got everything ready, buy a hosting server, a domain name, write some copy and… go!  you’re open to business…

…but there’s a small detail: no audience.

Of course! I need to invest in advertising!, you think.  Google Adwords. Create a Campaign. Register Credit Card. Launch Campaign.

Now I’m ready! Money here I come!. Money on my pocket! I'll be rich!

But the opposite happens … you spend lot of money on advertising, you get a few visits to the website of your product, but no one is buying…

Some months pass, your motivation starts to fade and you end up with another disappointment under your belt (and in your pocket).  You abandon the project, and soon you forget about it and start thinking in your next great idea. This, my friend… sucks.

You start asking yourself: what am I doing wrong? … Is my product that bad?

Well, probably no.  What happened is that you launch a product without testing it live, without getting early feedback, that would make your product better and target your customers real needs.

So, how do I prevent this happening to me? Easy, creating an MVP.

– A Most Valuable Player?

– Nope, a Minimum Viable Product.

What is a Minimum Valuable Product?

A MVP is an initial version of your product, which has only basic features.

This helps you prove the viability of the product so you can make the decision whether or not to invest more time or money in creating a complete product with all the features you dream about.

MVP can also be used to obtain feedback from potential customers, and see if they’re interested in the product or not.

A good strategy is to let some selected persons or potential clients to try the product an analyze their reactions and feedbacks.

What other advantage I get from launching a MVP?

The first advantage is that you do not spend a lot of money or time on something you don’t know if it is viable or not. The second is that you may be gathering feedback from people who would be interested in the final product, and therefore can begin to understand better the need of the target market.

It also allows you to add features incrementally, and see which extra features are good or bad for your product.

This was my first MVP: it took me 4 hours to set it up completely and now I’m ready to launch on full.

I really, really want you to tell me what experience you’ve had launching a full product or an MVP.