Infinity and beyond

You want to be an entrepreneur or already consider yourself one; you started your own web business, have followed all the rules in the book, but yet haven’t generated any money. It happens, I know for experience.

The problem is that you’re listening to everyone; you’re trying to apply everyone’s formula to success. Even if those formulas have worked for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for you too.  What you need to do is start taking action.

Here are some points that may be helpful.

1. Stop Reading Too many Business Book (they all say the same, trust me, I read a lot).  Get the basic ideas, see if you can apply them to your current situation and do it.

2. Start implementing.  Maybe you’re the kind of person who have many ideas daily and follow them, jumping from one to another, and never gets anything accomplished.  Well, is time you start implementing just ONE idea; pick the one you think is the best, and start working.  Do you think the other ideas are good enough?  Write them down, and when the one you’re working on start generating benefits, then you can start with the next one.

3. Measure.   Try new things, measure, and see results.  Measuring and Accountability is the best way of gathering data for future decision taking.

4. Surround with people that think like you.  Find friends, partners or family members that motivate you and have goals like yours.

5. Find a Mentor.  Look for someone with the experience to mentor you, there’s lot of people out there with experience, time, and willingness to give you advices to success.