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Around the web. Week #1

Hello! Long time I without update the blog… I’ve been kind of busy working on some interesting projects (I’ll post about that later). To keep the blog updated I’ll start posting interesting links to articles I found on the web…

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Launch your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Launching your MVP to the Space!

It all start that day you have an idea for a product, you are totally sure it is the idea which will make you earn lot of money and maybe you can take it to the next level (turn into a company!). Why didn’t I think of this before? – you wonder -. You rush to your computer, fire up […]

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Palabras mas usadas en
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The new Path

Por fin, otro sueño materializado, hecho realidad… esa sensación de sentirse realizado, de mirar atras y ver todos tus fracasos y no reirte de ellos, sino sonreirles porque fueron quienes te enseñaron a alcanzar lo que hoy haz logrado. Agradezco mucho lo aprendido de la gente de Wieden and Kennedy ( sobre abrazar el fracaso, hacerte su amigo, entender que […]

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