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How to be an entrepreneur
Infinity and beyond

You want to be an entrepreneur or already consider yourself one; you started your own web business, have followed all the rules in the book, but yet haven’t generated any money. It happens, I know for experience.

The problem is that you’re listening to everyone; you’re trying to apply everyone’s formula to success. Even if those formulas have worked for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for you too. What you need to do is start taking action.

Here, some helpful points.

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Teaching kids about money management

Thinking how to teach my nieces about money management as an exercise for their future life, I came out with the following game: I will give them $50 every week, they can do anything with those $50 (buy candies or whatever their kids brain came out with), but I will give them 2 options, the first one is that they […]

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