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50 Life Advices from a 80 years old

These are really good life advice. Use them.

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Agile Methodology for Solo-programmer

I’ve been thinking of what could be a good software development methodology for a solo-programmer.  Right now is too late and I’m very tired to do research.  Tomorrow I will research to find out; maybe I could develop one for myself. I’ll update this post later.

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The human side of a company

If you’re lucky enough, you work for a company you believe in, with a talented and friendly team, with a good work enviroment, flexible working hours, great customers to work with, and a vision.  If that’s your case, congratulations, you’re working for a good company. My case is a little different. I work for Soluciones GBH, a company that has […]

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Asking Questions
Cat eye's Nebula

One of the most important thing you can learn and apply in your life is to ask question. Questions leads to answers, and to wisdom. Have the courage to ask question to everyone about anything. Question everything.

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