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Turning Ideas into Action

From time to time I hear collegues and friends talking about ideas they’ll like to turn into business, they think that the idea will become a huge success… until I start asking them questions: Who’ll be your target market? How much do you need to invest in (time and money)? Are you willing to put all that hours of extra […]

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How to Launch Your Startup in 16 Easy Steps (Infographic) by Rob Walling

Thanks to Rob Walling for this: (click on post title to see the infographic)

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Launch your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Launching your MVP to the Space!

It all start that day you have an idea for a product, you are totally sure it is the idea which will make you earn lot of money and maybe you can take it to the next level (turn into a company!). Why didn’t I think of this before? – you wonder -. You rush to your computer, fire up […]

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The human side of a company

If you’re lucky enough, you work for a company you believe in, with a talented and friendly team, with a good work enviroment, flexible working hours, great customers to work with, and a vision.  If that’s your case, congratulations, you’re working for a good company. My case is a little different. I work for Soluciones GBH, a company that has […]

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How to be an entrepreneur
Infinity and beyond

You want to be an entrepreneur or already consider yourself one; you started your own web business, have followed all the rules in the book, but yet haven’t generated any money. It happens, I know for experience.

The problem is that you’re listening to everyone; you’re trying to apply everyone’s formula to success. Even if those formulas have worked for them, it doesn’t mean it will work for you too. What you need to do is start taking action.

Here, some helpful points.

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TwittDO 3: Un gran evento | OnClick Studio Blog
Twittdo participants

La tercera edición de este gran evento que se viene realizando desde hace 3 años en la República Dominicana, nos trae unas cuantas novedades… Click para leer el articulo completo en el blog de Onclick Studio

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Welcome to my brain…. again. Bueno, ultimamente no he escrito mucho, simplemente porque no he tenido las ganas de hacerlo o porque no he encontrado algo que me interese. Pero hoy, voy a hablar de algo que estuve pensando: publicidad. Me encanta la publicidad, los anuncios, la creatividad detras de cada uno, me gusta el “guerrilla marketing”, etc… principalmente la […]

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Nothing personal…It’s just business

uff!, que bien!, despues de darle vueltas al tema por casi diez dias, ayer decidimos hacer algo al respecto, nos sentamos y hasta que no llegaramos a una conclusion nadie se iba. Pues bien, de los que les estoy hablando es de la reparticion de dividendos entre los accionistas de OnClick Studio (, que si 60%, que si 85% de […]

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