Hello! Long time I without update the blog… I’ve been kind of busy working on some interesting projects (I’ll post about that later).  To keep the blog updated I’ll start posting interesting links to articles I found on the web…

1. Posterous acquired by Twitter. I was surprised (not!) because just 20 days or so ago they have no plan of selling (source).

2. Why being smart hurts your productivity. For you gifted and passionate individuals out there: getting your brain into a new interesting problem makes you drop what you’re doing.

3. Bootstrap from Twitter (HTML, CSS and JS Library). I’ve been working with this library on some of my latest projects, really useful.  Gives a nice touch to your projects.

4. GrooveShark. (yes, the music service).  This service have been around for a while, but I did never tried it before, till last week when I bought a new computer and have no music in it.  Not a single mp3 file on my pc since then.