Born November 1982 in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. I lived for a time in Caracas, Venezuela, and Los Teques, Venezuela. Studied Systems Engineering at the Universidad APEC, for which also works as a Software Architect. I was also working on Verizon Business as a software engineer for a while, until I decided to start my own business.

With some friends, start, a web development firm, and then we spent some hard times trying to lift the company.

I enjoy traveling and knowing new places with my friends. In my free time I devoted to reading, is one of my favorite hobbies, I read any subject. Life-long student of sciences, arts, technology, branding, marketing and human behavior. Passionate about creating remarkable relationships and outstanding products.

Things that interest me or ever interested me:

Cakephp, PHP, Ruby on rails,,, mathematics, philosophy, Shintoism, Religion in general, Atheism, Albert Einstein, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Carl Sagan, Robotics, C++, Egypt, Warfare, Psychology, human behavior, universe, economics, pattern recognition, Business, Entrepreneurship, Writing, Blogging, photography, electronics, knowledge generation, singularity, cryptography, hacking, security, Star Wars, Mozart, physics, algorithms, buddhism, zen, yoga, meditation and many many others things.


I’m married to a marvelous woman and we have a witty kid. They’re my most important treasure in life.

My Web Properties

WOWmySEO : SEO services Firm.
Gamesalia : Flash games web.
OnClick Studio : A web development Firm
Presumida : a guide to modern women.
Pueblo Informa : a user generated news portal (under remodelation)
BestOfDominican: a travel guide to the Dominican Republic (under construction)

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