50 Life Advices from a 80 years old

These are really good life advice. Use them.

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PHP vs Ruby vs Python

Source: Udemy Blog

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Do we have the courage to face this?

This short on the island of Midway is about the situation of thousands of birds as a result of the presence of tons of plastic objects.

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Around the web. Week #1

Hello! Long time I without update the blog… I’ve been kind of busy working on some interesting projects (I’ll post about that later). To keep the blog updated I’ll start posting interesting links to articles I found on the web…

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linux: rm – too many arguments

Yesterday I was trying to delete the content of a folder in my server, but when I typed: $ rm -rf * I get the following message: rm – too many arguments I stared blank to the screen.  “let me see how many files are there…”: $ ls -l | wc -l 298839 Wow! so how can I delete all […]

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Turning Ideas into Action

From time to time I hear collegues and friends talking about ideas they’ll like to turn into business, they think that the idea will become a huge success… until I start asking them questions: Who’ll be your target market? How much do you need to invest in (time and money)? Are you willing to put all that hours of extra […]

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How to Launch Your Startup in 16 Easy Steps (Infographic) by Rob Walling

Thanks to Rob Walling for this: (click on post title to see the infographic)

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While walking

Last week, while walking on the street, there was a man walking in front of me, he was on his 50’s or so, as I pass him by (cause I use to walk too fast) he started trying to keep my pace, I slow down a bit to see if he was on some kind of walking race against me. […]

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Agile Methodology for Solo-programmer

I’ve been thinking of what could be a good software development methodology for a solo-programmer.  Right now is too late and I’m very tired to do research.  Tomorrow I will research to find out; maybe I could develop one for myself. I’ll update this post later.

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Launch your MVP (Minimum Viable Product)
Launching your MVP to the Space!

It all start that day you have an idea for a product, you are totally sure it is the idea which will make you earn lot of money and maybe you can take it to the next level (turn into a company!). Why didn’t I think of this before? – you wonder -. You rush to your computer, fire up […]

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